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Change is one of the constant things in life. There is no way one thing will remain the same forever. Change may sometimes be a thing we like to happen while at times it's something we wish have never existed. It may be something we can control or something that is just bound to happen and is beyond our grasp.

If only changes are like clothes. We get to fit them first and try to see if they fit us and look good on us. And after we purchase them we still have the right, as the buyer, to return them whenever we wish to.

Will life be better if we have that kind of system? *sigh* nahh..

note: This is a very lousy post. I did not take time to think about the topic. I'm too bored of TOO MANY things to do that I just had to do something else. And I'm just complicating the obvious. LOL


Woi. :D

Heheh! Lingaw unta imong proposal, Eds.

On your comment in my blog: I hope that you will really pursue that Med Mission. We need all Filipino doctors here. :)

I hope so chee.. pray for me.. =)

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