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I've always been the type of person who treasures all my friends. I try to make sure that I'll be there whenever they need me even though I'm miles away from them. Though the world tells me that I'm never going to get back from them the same support I give, I did not care. I always thought, "I don't care if they won't be there for me as long as I will always be there for them". For me, God made me who I am today and blessed me with so much that I want to give back and to share to the community the blessings He has showered me. The community whose member I believe have God in each and everyone of them.

I consider my friends as precious stones. I know that I've already been to different places and met a lot of people. In those journeys I made a lot of new acquaintances and friends. It's just sad to know that though I have a long list of friends only a few are true and willing to fight for and with me. Only a few value the friendship that I keep so dear. But I never held any negative emotions to those who failed to be there for me. I understand. I still love them. And I will always be there for them. Because what hurts the most is when someone denies you as a friend. Or even a simple acquaintance. Yes it hurts. And yes, I've experienced it.

It hurts because I know that I never did anything to hurt him/her. In fact I made one of the hardest decisions in my life by letting something go just to be able to make him/her happy.
To You:
I know you will never get to read this post. Well, maybe somehow in the future you will. Through Fate. And I know you will know I'm talking about you. I've always valued the friendship and the memories we had. Though they weren't for a very long time, I was happy. I am happy because I knew you and learned some lessons in life through my journey with you. I know you knew it hurt when I had to let go of one thing we shared because I wanted to make you happy and I knew you were. I thought we were okey. I thought we had already patched up that scratch in our friendship. But what happened? You suddenly disappeared, it was not a big deal though because I understood why you had to do it. I was your friend. But did you have to deny me? Deny that you've met me and befriends with me? It hurt. For whatever reason you made the decision to forget and erase me in your life, that's fine with me. I will not force you to tell the truth because it will only make things worse in your life. I meant you good. And I will forever wish only good things to happen in your life. I admit I tried to forget you. But I know I never will. Because I never forget my friends. I heard recently that you admitted to him/her that you knew me. But what for? It's too late now. You already hurt me. The friend who was always there praying for you. The fear will always be there too. I pity you because he/she was too precious to deserve the treatment you gave. I'm afraid this will continue to happen over and over in your life. But you are still young. You can still change. Don't waste the gifts God has given you and don't play with people's emotions because they're not in any way like the characters you play in your online games. When they get hurt and die they will never be revived and given the same number of lives and ammunitions and powers or whatsoever. Learn to value the precious stones in your life. Be true to your heart and to other people. Only then can you say you were a true friend and a person. Whatever happened in our past I put them behind us now. I've moved on. And I wish you well.


Edz... Okay lang ka? :( Email lang if you want to make kwento ha...

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wui. inday. naunsi ka? tsk :p sumbaga ah? hehe. joke. Uie. ah, ma ok rana. Life goes on.

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