Growing Wish List

Posted by -edz- on 9:24 PM in
--originally posted last Aug 25, '06 11:26 PM--

I wish I'm not writing this
I wish I could totally smile
I wish I'm not wondering where you are and see who you're with
I wish your knocking at my door waiting for me to get dressed
I wish your the one I'm talking to on the phone
I wish I'm listening to these songs with you
I wish your the one I will be dancing with on my special day
I wish your the one I'm sharing these pictures with
I wish your the one who's bringing me to class
I wish we're together on our way home
I wish I could make you stay up till early morning just to finish your homework
I wish we're both laughing at our jokes
I wish I could be there to brighten up your day
I wish I could hold your hand on your darkest times
I wish you'll lean on me when your down
I wish I could take care of you when you're sick
I wish I'm giving you the half cup of my rice, you know I can't finish it all by myselfI
I wish to be sharing these fries with you and finally taste your favorite frosty
I wish I could cook you your favorite meal
I wish your telling me when I'm being mean again
I wish your teasing me endlessly on how we both look like the perfect 10
I wish your mocking me on how I'm being a drama queen again
I wish we could watch that upcoming Spiderman movie
I wish we could go to mass together
I wish you'll meet all of my friends and I meet yours
I wish we're talking about silly things and important matters
I wish I'm the one your sharing your secrets with
I wish I could confide in you my realizations at the end of the day
I wish we're arguing over our ideas but still end up so sweet
I wish I could literally come to you for help and cry on your shoulders when I'm being a crybaby again
I wish I could sleep on your lap when I can't take anymore movie marathon
I wish your the first thing I see in the morning and the last one I kiss goodnight
I wish you won't think of me as silly for writing this
I wish I'm not missing you but I totally am
I wish I'm not wishing to be with you but I can't hide the fact that I am


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