I Never Thought

Posted by -edz- on 8:45 PM in
--originally posted last Aug 13, '06 9:57 PM--

I never thought I'd come to believe in love at first sight
it all started over a little joke
that put a smile on my face and it never left me since then
every moment spent with you was worth years of happiness I didn't think I'd feel

In your eyes I saw a love that's true
a love that I feared to accept because I was scared of hurt
but cupid's magic did its little trick
and soon fate made one our two opposite hearts

I never thought that I'd find the missing piece of my life in you
I never thought the day would still come
that I'd open my heart once more
I never thought that I'd be this happy
I never thought I'd finally say the words "I love you"

Baby, to be with you is where I wanna be for the rest of my life..


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