torture day of a white

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--originally posted last Oct 20, '06 9:29 PM--

i experienced the first step of physical pain today. but i am happy. i guess because i had long wanted for this to happen. and finally it's here after more than 5 years of waiting.

i admit. it's hard. it's very tough. i don't even know until when i could continue fighting. but this is just the first step. everyone went through this stage. well, i guess those blessed with the skills didn't have to undergo the difficulty i'm feeling. but still. this is just the beginning. if i give up now i'm just proving the others that i am weak. i know i can acquire that strength if i just have patience and determination. the world is willing to teach me. i just have to be willing to accept those lessons and teach myself too.

everything in this world is tough. i know i may feel pain and a lot of difficulty. but the world will not change the way it is just for me. i have to mold myself to cope with it. i have to be strong if i want to survive. if i also want to be one of the best someday. i know i can learn fast. and i believe i can do this. i may fall. i may stumble. i may do silly things. i may make a fool out of myself. and people will continue to laugh at me. but that's all part of it. the price of all these pain is great. like they say, "no pain, no gain."

i know i am a fighter. i may loose faith in myself at times. but i have confidence that i can do this. i love what i'm doing. i am enjoying the challenge. i always keep my word. God never lets me down and i won't fail him. i can do this. i will survive. i will always pray to one day be part of the best. and get that respect.

and that black thing around their waist with words written in color red. they are who we call "masters"


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