things i wanna do in this lifetime

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--originally posted last Oct 26, '06 11:20 PM--

  1. parachute jump (superman!)
  2. jet ski (oh yeah!)
  3. scuba dive (i see Ariel the mermaid)
  4. swim and sit under a waterfalls
  5. tour over some of the places in Europe
  6. shout at the top of a building (im the queen of the world!)
  7. bungee jump (woohoo!)
  8. go car racing (exciting!)
  9. ride on the largest ferris wheel which is the London Eye ("If Only" ba? hehe)
  10. drive across the world's largest bridge which is Akashi-Kaikyo in Japan (oh man! i don't like Japan. but i looooove Japanese dishes!)
  11. memorize all the 35,000 words in my Webster's New World Pocket Dictionary (gosh! that's harder than commiting suicide.. hehe.)
  12. be part of a shooting club (oohhh.. guns might come in handy..?? hehe..)
  13. enrol in a dance school and learn all kinds of dances except ballet (i'm not the barbie type of girl. i hate too girlish things. but i've always been into dancing. just wanna continue what i've started.)
  14. star in an action movie. Tomb Raider would be really cool. (hey! shut up! it's free to dream anyway! not that i really want it.)
  15. have a concert in Araneta Coliseum (oh yeah! sold out tickets! and standing ovation! bwahahaha!)
  16. befriends with John Prats (nah!!! don't need this anymore. i've already seen him a couple of times. plus, i already found the "John" of my life. hehe)
  17. learn to play the drums! (i already know how to play the piano and the guitar. im ready to enter the world of drums. one man band ba?!?!? who cares!)
  18. be a princess! (even in my own world only)

it's a really really long list!!!!!!!! more to come...


I wish you a very long life!!!:))

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