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--originally posted last Aug 15, '06 1:21 PM--


What am I to deserve this entry?
To a world of luxury;
Am I not before was sunken;
In poverty and misery.
So to all these things that I have got,
Are there still reasons to be sad?
Must the little fuss that trials bring
Cause us to forget our blessing?

I remember writing this poem when I first came to America. There are so many luxuries that we take for granted. Compares to the Philippines, we are enjoying better lives evident in our way of living. Cars, homes, food, technology, clean air, human rights, justcie, abundant supply of water, electricity, are just a ew to mention. Yet. depression is a major problem in America. I tried to decipher why people are still sad when they got a lot of blessings. It is because the more they get, the more they want. "WANTING MORE THAN WE CAN HAVE LEADS TO DEPRESSION." Let us stop focusing on what we don't have but rather be thankful for everything we got.

by Dr.Espie C. Claudio

I got this entry from a newspaper.. and i just thought it's a good thing to help share this lesson to the world..


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