i love you dad

Posted by -edz- on 9:03 PM
--originally posted last Aug 19, '06 12:33 PM--

it has been a while since my dad and i had our little chat.. he has always been so busy ever since we came to america.. very busy with work.. very busy in finalizing our papers.. busy.. busy.. busy.. but we try to update him though with the latest happenings in our lives.. though some times he fails to listen.. but we understand him..

yesterday evening after bringing our uncle to LAX.. my sis and i had a little bonding with our father.. hehe.. we went to shop at target.. toured a bit over the city.. we showed him my sister's school.. it was his first time to see it okey.. and had a few conversations.. how i miss his lectures and pieces of advice about life and how to be successful in it.. i used to hear a lot of that before.. but i admit it.. these past few months i've been missing that part a lot.. hehehe..

when we got home he just rested for a while and had funny conversations with us.. there was a wild exchange of laughters.. oh how i miss those kinds of happenings.. i miss my dad.. how i wish and pray that this would happen more often..

it made me realize some things.. that our dad really cares for us.. and like every parent, he wants and tries to be present in every event of our lives.. he hates to see us suffer and be very uncomfortable.. and he's working so hard for us.. for our future.. i am more than 100% sure we are in our father's number one priority list.. and that he loves us so much.. that is why he is doing all of this.. for us..

i wish someday i could gather enough courage to show and to tell him how much i love him too..


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